SLERD 2023: Open debate

“Smart Learning Ecosystems beyond 2030”
June 20th at 15.00—17.00 (EEST)

The aim of the open discussion is to provide a multifaceted vision on how we expect the smart learning ecosystems to develop beyond 2030, beyond the year indicated by Unesco to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The debate, organized by ASLERD with the contribution of IAALDE, will start from the Timisoara Declaration “Better learning for a better world – Through People-Centered Smart Learning Ecosystems”, which was promoted in 2016 by ASLERD and is now going to be updated.

Thanks to the contribution of the Panelists, who bring the perspectives of different Associations operating in the field throughout the world, a discussion will be triggered to collect feedback and inputs to update and improve the Declaration.

The Panel will be composed of: